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Affordable Housing Policy 2013

Government notify a Policy known as the ‘Affordable Housing Policy 2013′. This policy is made to boost housing Projects where in apartments of predefined size are made available at predefined rates within a targeted time frame to deserving beneficiaries in urban housing market. Any project for which licence is granted under the present policy cannot be converted into a normal group housing colony under any situation and irrespective of whether or not it falls within the 20% residential sector area limit agreed for group housing projects. Sale of apartments under this Project will be on Carpet Area basis. It means people have to pay for area only for which they actually use.

Developers will get Incentives:

 The affordable housing policy appearances to make use of the private sector’s capital investment for the development of affordable homes. The policy envisages to provide incentives to the private developers which includes-

1. Exemption from licence fees and infrastructure development charges.

2. Higher floor area ratio (FAR) of up to 225 against 175 which is usually permitted in group housing projects.

3. Higher ground coverage to the tune of 50 percent against 35 percent that is normally allowed.

Zoning Requirements:

The maximum area for which such projects can be permitted in a development plan included 300 acres for Gurgaon, Faridabad, Panchkula, Panchkula Extension and Pinjore-Kalka, 150 acres for Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal, Dharuhera, Bahadurgarh and Sohna and 75 acres for the respite of the development plans.  In any residential sector not more than five per cent of the net planned area under residential zone can be allowed for projects under this policy. However, if a residential sector has an area of less than 100 acres, one such project would be allowed on five acres. Further, in order to guarantee that such projects are well distributed over the development plan area, the maximum net planned area that can be permitted under this policy in any residential sector would be restricted to 10 acres.

Time Period for completion of project:

 All affordable housing projects would be required to be essentially completed within four years from the approval of building plans or grant of environmental clearance, whichever is later. This date would be mentioned to as the date of commencement of the project and licences would not be renewed beyond four years’ period from the date of commencement of the project.

Apartment Area:

Under the Policy, the size of apartments to be constructed will be in the range of 28sqm to 60 sqm carpet area. The carpet area would be the net usable covered floor area bound within the walls of the apartment but apart from the area covered by the walls and any balcony which is approved free-of-FAR, but including the area forming part of kitchen, toilet, bathroom, store and built-in cupboard, almirah, shelf, which being usable covered area would form part of the carpet area. No separate EWS category apartments would be provided to eliminate any cross subsidy component and thus to avoid any adverse impact on the affordability of apartments made available under this policy.

Parking Space:

The parking space would be provided at the rate of half equivalent car space for each dwelling unit. Only one two-wheeler parking site would be earmarked for each flat, which would be allotted only to the flat-owners. The parking bay of two-wheelers would be 0.8m x 2.5m unless otherwise specified in the zoning plan. No car parking would be allotted to any apartment landlord in such projects. The balance available parking space, if any, beyond the allocated two-wheeler parking sites.

Check on Builders:

As a matter of security against any possible felonies in completion of the project, the coloniser would be required to furnish bank guarantee against the total realisation from the project at the rate of 15 per cent for areas falling in the Development Plans of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Panchkula, Panchkula Extension and Pinjore-Kalka and at the rate of 10 per cent for rest of the towns.

Maintenance service post-delivery of project:

As per affordable housing policy the developer will have to maintain the project free of cost for five years, after which a resident association takes over. It is a serious matter with affordable projects that needs to be defined in a better way to get a clear solution.


A great step in the right direction. The affordable housing policy is intended to encourage planning and completion of Group Housing Projects wherein apartments of pre-defined sizes are made available at pre-defined rates within a targeted time frame to ensure increased supply of affordable housing in the urban housing market. The policy strikes a fine balance, on one hand it gives incentives to builders and at the same time has put in proper checks to ensure timely delivery of projects. If implemented in spirit the affordable housing policy will benefit lower and lower-middle class population of approximately six lakhs in the urban centres of Haryana in the next five years’ period.

List of License

Gurugram-Affordable Housing Projects
Sr. No. File ID Total Area (Acres) Total No. of Licence Sector Covered Colony Name 
1 LC-2969 5.01 1 90 ASTER GUR-90 AHP
2 LC-2970 5.01 1 90 ASTER GUR-90 AHP
3 LC-2971 9.13 3 107 SIGNATURE GUR-107 AHP
4 LC-2983 5 1 102 NANI GUR-102 AHP
5 LC-2987 5.96 1 99A PRIME INFRA GUR-99A AHP
6 LC-2997 5.09 1 111 LOTUS GUR-111 AHP
7 LC-3036 9.07 2 36A AVL INFRA GUR-36A AHP
8 LC-3048 5 1 104 PERFECT GUR-104 AHP
9 LC-3054 5 1 81 MANIRA GUR-81 AHP
10 LC-3061 5.17 1 84 PIVOTAL GUR-84 AHP
11 LC-3074 6.19 1 99 PIVOTAL GUR-99 AHP
12 LC-3106 6.38 2 88A & 89A ALTON GUR-88A-89A-AHP
13 LC-3007 5.9 1 63A SUNRAYS (BADERWAL) GUR-63A AHP
14 LC-2995 5 1 99A PAREENA GUR-99A AHP
15 LC-3150 9.88 1 70A PYRAMID GUR-70A AHP
(Earlier approved on 28/01/2015)
(In-principle approval on 08/06/2015)
16 LC-2975 5.6 1 95 RAMSONS GUR-95 AHP
17 LC-3078 5.07 1 69-70 PREMIUM GUR-69-70 AHP
18 LC-3065 6 1 71 SARVPRIYA GUR-71 AHP
19 LC-3062 5 1 109 SHYAM GUR-109 AHP
20 LC-2990 5.29 1 86 PYRAMID GUR-86 AHP
21 LC-3005 9 1 103 JMK GUR-103 AHP
(Earlier approved on 15/09/2015)
(In-principle approval on 15/03/2016)
22 LC-3168 7.03 1 79B REVITAL GUR-79B AHP
23 LC-3169 5.08 1 79,79B REVITAL GUR-79, 79B AHP
24 LC-2977 5 1 102 SUNCITY GUR-102 AHP
25 LC-3031 5 1 37C RMG DEV GUR-37C AHP
26 LC-3068 5 1 93 SIGNATURE GUR-93 AHP
27 LC-3174 5.07 1 62 PIVOTAL GUR-62 AHP
28 LC-3089 7.5 1 109 OCEAN GUR-109 AHP
30 LC-3228 5.01 1 112 DELGRIS GUR-112 AHP
31 LC-3185 9.83 1 67A SHRI COLONISER GUR-67A AHP
32 LC-2824 8.03 1 95A FOREVER (TDI) GUR-95A AHP
33 LC-2986 5.04 1 95 CHIRAG GUR-95 AHP
34 LC-2991 5.52 1 89 MAXWORTH GUR-89 AHP
35 LC-2980 8.17 1 91, 92 MAHENDRA GUR-91, 92 AHP
Sohna-Affordable Housing Projects
Sr. No. File ID Total Area (Acres) Total No. of Licence Sector Covered Colony Name 
1 LC-2998 6.5 1 5 MVN SOH-5 AHP
(Earlier approved on 05/09/2014)
(In-principle approval on 12/08/2015)
(Revised BP approved on 16/05/2016)
2 LC-2999 6.85 1 2 & 35 RANDHAWA SOH-2 & 35 AHP
3 LC-3000 5.41 1 11 VK MOTORS SOH-11 AHP
4 LC-3001 5 1 35 TULSIANI SOH-35 AHP
5 LC-3011 9.95 1 33 BREEZE SOH-33 AHP
6 LC-3051 5 1 31 AAR SOH-31 AHP
7 LC-3056 6.01 1 6 ARETE SOH-6 AHP
(Earlier BPs approved on 24/11/2014)
(Revised BPs approved on 01/02/2016)
8 LC-3004 10 1 14 RAHEJA SOH-14 AHP
(Earlier approved on 12/11/2014)
(In-principle approved on 27/04/2015)
9 LC-3069 10 1 4 GLS SOH-4 AHP
10 LC-3003 9.78 1 36 STERNAL SOH-36 AHP
Rewari-Affordable Housing Projects
Sr. No. File ID Total Area (Acres) Total No. of Licence Sector Covered Colony Name 
1 LC-3044 5.03 1 27 VICTORY REW-27 AHP
2 LC-3046 5.98 1 26-27 BM GUPTA REW-26-27 AHP



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